About Us

Favorite objects. Perfect accessories. Unique finds.

Nest and Burrow is all about sharing what we love, personalizing your space and transforming house into home. We believe design is personal; style has a language; and beautiful objects are your voice.  

After years of dreaming about the moment, Nest and Burrow was launched in September 2014, on a day filled with Sausalito sunlight, connections and joy. More than just an online boutique, Nest and Burrow is the creative outreach of Jennifer Wundrow and Heather Brock’s passionately successful interior design business, Nest Design Co. 

In collaboration with Reed Bloom, their long time associate, Jennifer and Heather do more than just choreograph stylish interactions of furnishings, textiles, lighting, architecture and décor. Their full service design projects are about enhancing their clients’ lives, realizing the poetics of space and falling in love with expertly edited choices.

Nest and Burrow is about sharing that love. Our coveted selection of lighting, pillows, mirrors, rugs, special objects and serendipitous finds brings you the benefits of Jennifer and Heather’s talents – including their well-curated sources, discerning taste and signature style.

Somewhere between classic and modern, whimsical and elegant, sexy and chic, you’re sure to discover everything that inspires your imagination, flirts with your personality, winks with your humor and energizes the ordinary with individual beauty – all while satisfying your personal sense of home.

We invite you to linger, explore and dream. We’re here to help.

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